For a comprehensive range of refrigerator water filters at the most competitive prices, Fridge Filters Australia is the place to find all your fridge filters on-line. We offer free delivery with a minimum purchase to the greater Melbourne area, as well as to all of Australia! Fridge Filters Australia is the number one supplier of fridge filters in the country.  We pride ourselves in carrying the best known and most reliable brands that will perform for you. 


Fridge Filters Australia is proudly Australian owned and operated.  With over 15 years experience, our aim is to provide the best customer service in the industry at the best price.  We carry every major brand of fridge water filter to meet your needs! See below for the most up to date listing of refrigerator filters.

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Samsung Filters

Internal Vertical Filters: Aqua Pure DA29-00003G, Fridge Filter DA29-00003G-2, Ace DA29-00003B-3, Swift Green SGF-DSB30, Water Sentinel WSS-1 and the Aqua Pure DA29-00020B.

Internal Horizontal Filters: Aqua Pure DA29-00012A and the Swift Green SGF-DSA21

External In-line Filters: Aqua Pure DA2910105J, Magic EF9603, GILF1025, Water Sentinel WSF-100, BFFRS, BFFRF0.25 and BFFRMAX

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LG Filters

Internal Vertical Filters: Cuno 5231JA2002A, Fridge Filter 5231JA2002A-2, Swift Green SGF-LA22 and Water Sentinel WSL-1

Internal Horizontal Filters: Cuno 5231JA2006A, Swift Green SGF-LA50 and Ultimate M7251253FR-06

External In-line FiltersGILF1025, Water Sentinel WSL-1, BFFRLG, BFFRSED, BFFRF0.25 and BFFRMAX

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Fisher & Paykel Filters

External Fridge Filters: 836848, Q5386 (suits some Fisher & Paykel Fridges), GILF1025, BFFR, BFFRF0.25 and BFFRMAX

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Bosch Filters

Internal Filters: CS-52, UltraClarity 9000-077104

External In-line Filters: BFFR, BFFRF0.25 and BFFRMAX, GILF1025

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Whirlpool Filters

In-Grill Twist Release Filters: Whirlpool 4396508, Fridge Filter 4396508-2, Swift Green SGF-W80 and the Water Sentinel WSW-1

In-Grill Press Release Filters: Whirlpool 4396841 and the Swift Green SGF-W84

Internal Horizontal Filter: Whirlpool W-10295370

External In-line Filters: Whirlpool 4378411, BFFR, BFFRF0.25 and BFFRMAX, GILF1025

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Maytag, Jennair and Amana Filters

Internal Vertical Filters: Puriclean UKF7003AXX, Fridge Filter UKF7003AXX-2, Swift Green SGF-M07 and the Water Sentinel WSM-1

Internal Horizontal Filters: Puriclean UKF8001, Fridge Filter UKF8001AXX-2 and Swift Green SGF-M10

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Westinghouse and Electrolux Filters

Internal Drop-In Filters: Water Sentinel WF1CB-RG100 and WSF-1, and the Swift Green SGF-1CB-SW

Internal In-Drawer Filter: WF2CB-FC100

External In-line Filter: BFFR

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GE Filters

Internal Vertical Filters: Smartwater MWF, Fridge Filter MWF-2 and WSG-1, Swift Green SGF-G1, also the SmartWater MSWF Series (long/skinny)

Internal Horizontal Filter: SmartWater GSWF

External In-line Filters: GILF1025, BFFR, BFFRF0.25, BFFRMAX and BFFRSED

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Our Fridge Filter experts are ready to help you with any questions you may have about what brand best suits your fridge, or which filter will perform the best.  Give us a call on 1 300 742 249 if you need some extra assistance - we can help identify your fridge filter code, walk you through installation or assist in other areas. 

We stock a full range of various types of filters, including those from Aquapure, Brita, Cuno/3M, Daewoo, Everpure, Haier, Liebherr, Miele, Omega, Swift Green and Water Sentinel.  Available filters include externally mounted filters complete with hardware to install and other accessories and fittings.

Because replacing your refrigerator water filter shouldn't be something you have to keep track of, we have a convenient "reminder" program that lets us notify you when your filter is due for replacement.  We can do this by email, SMS or mail - you choose!  This helps ensure that your fridge water is always pure and tastes great. 

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Fridge Filters Australia also offers multi-pack discounts for 2, 3 or 4 filters purchased together, because fridge filters have an endless shelf life.  Buy in bulk and save. A four pack of filters can save you over $100!


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